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allnews Oct 16 '20

HealthExeData has been a provider for the Healthcare contact database and on the run for a new product. It is when they launched an email list that was exclusive to the healthcare market. It was an all opt-in Registered Nurses Email List.
This email list contained the contact data of registered nurses from the USA with their consent. It was to ensure that when businesses connected with these nurses, they are pre-aware about the communications and are expecting it. It makes sure an email does not end up in spam.
 The Registered Nurses Email List contains over 69 thousand registered nurse contact data. It also can be customized based on the area of specialization, physician type, hospital affiliation, geography, license number SIC Code, NAIC code, and much more. It is to enable a business to conduct and initiate various channels of marketing to registered nurses in the United States.
An email list is so far the most efficient tool for businesses around the globe. As email is 80% effective as a marketing campaign and sounds more trustworthy and professional, companies invest in it. The sole provider of the base for the Registered Nurses Email List is to be that resourceful tool for businesses.
There are 2.86 million nurses in the USA, out of which only 50% are registered, nurses. Some businesses are striving to connect with Registered Nurses. They end up trying to build a connection with general non-registered nurses instead. The email list provides them with the opportunity to segregate nurses only on registration and other business requirements and caters to their needs.
The number of nurses is growing at 7% every year. It is above any other average growth rate of any profession. Nurses are increasing in the healthcare industry. There is a constant need for businesses to connect with these nurses for their long-run development and growth. It comes to them as the real challenge and searches for a breakthrough. The constant for updating their contact data leads businesses into a long time and resource-consuming scenarios.
HealthExeData understood the business requirement of an updated and fully finished registered email list and began the production of it. With the pre-packaged list, they were wondering about what else they could provide for their customers. They constructed an all opt-in email list, an email list where their consumers will be aware of their communication.

About HealthExeData:

HealthExeData is a data solution company, providing businesses with prospect contact data for over a decade. The data in the market has been proven to be the sole marketing tool for businesses. Along with their data providing services, HealthExeData is also a company that is trusted with companies databases for their data management services.