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Since examinations are the indispensable final leg of any academic program, conducting them with universities and colleges closed is the biggest issue that professors are facing in these hard times. Even if learning takes place remotely, how does one reliably measure the learning outcomes for different students in any course. The newly launched online proctoring platform aims to resolve these very issues. is a fully equipped online proctoring software which brings in the ease of creating and conducting live proctored assessments with complete integrations with Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Canvas, etc. for streamlined assessment and evaluation. It has been developed by the makers of India’s largest School Management App, with more than five years of experience in the ed-tech industry and handling a subscriber base of more than 1.5 million students.

uLearn ensures the highest levels of academic integrity with advanced AI-based cheat-proof functionalities. Student’s camera-feed is monitored throughout the exam to check for any external help or interference to ensure exam sanctity and integrity. Any violation of norms by the student in the form of cheating or other unfair means is auto-flagged by uLearn’s AI algorithms and triggers a warning for the student. Students can even appeal against false-flag warnings.

Online proctored examination is going to be the new norm in universities, colleges and schools across the world. The use of artificial intelligence makes it scalable and dependable, however, one must ensure that the AI is sensitive to diversity and is trained to ensure zero discrimination.” said Richard Fernandes, VP – Marketing, Ulearn.

Instructors can create and proctor exams on this platform from anywhere anytime and students can attempt them from the comfort of their homes. The whole process replicates the regular offline exam process in the web-browser environment. The familiarity of the process and the comfort of their home environment removes confusion from the minds of students and distress them, bringing out their best performance.

ULearn has provision of practice tests for students to get familiarized with the platform. At the start of every exam, uLearn runs System Compatibility tests on the student's machine to avoid last-minute glitches. Identity information of the students is captured for verification. Instructor and proctor can communicate live with the students during the exam individually or collectively to pass over instructions etc. Stringent privacy through encryption is maintained to ensure that professor-student trust is not breached due to misuse of sensitive videos and data by third-party. After the exam is over, a detailed proctoring report of each student is shared with the instructor.

The AI-based proctoring and exam-platform uLearn is a cost effective, customizable and swiftly deployable solution to take care of all the needs of instructors and students without compromising on comfort, convenience and trust.

Visit to learn more about ulearn.

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