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The Lithuanian Marketplace is a service of Lithuanian Trade Council, a non-profit organization, offers a business-to-business website connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate international purchases.

Baltimore, USA, September 20, 2020 - /PressReleasePoint/ - When working on business with clients, I see a lot of problems with the difference between recognition and sales. Most b2b trading platforms want both, but only one is really important. Smaller businesses (just over $ 1 million in gross sales annually) are happy to be recognized, but here's why this is the wrong approach. . .


The justification for the recognition is reasonable and is borne out by the branding efforts of the distributors and the Fortune 500 companies. “The global b2b trading platform are awakening, however - do really have the millions it takes for this national or regional recognition? This is exactly what Fortune 500 companies have.”, says Lori V. Gagnon, Chief Operations Officer of the Lithuanian Trade Council.


Greedy advertising agencies hungry for commissions want to think image matters, and in some markets they're right. But the industrial b2b trading platform marketer, nothing matters but selling! No body gets along really well with good looks unless have the budget to put them all over the place.


Mrs. Gagnon added, “Smart companies growing anywhere from $ 1 million to $ 50 million gross (if they want to keep growing) must make every effort to generate revenue from every promotional activity - branding and recognition come second in any case.” Yes, may feel good to be featured in the latest trade magazine, but imagine that every month are going to exceed sales quota!


Its essential for clients to spend up to 15% of their target gross sales, not because I want higher commissions, but because any marketing I advocate is designed to deliver a hard return on investment. The recognition get as an industry leader is far better than just being recognized.


If spend $ 1,000 on advertising, better produce $ 2,000 in return, or even have a plan to turn qualified prospects into lifelong buyers. This type of advertising is known as a direct response, because get a measurable result for every effort - a sales result that makes each campaign deserve its own path.


Just as wouldn't keep a salesperson who didn't hit the quota, every advertising campaign is "Salesmanship in Print!". Now, ask these three questions:


1. What is the target revenue to be achieved with each marketing campaign in the first 90 days of effort?


2. How do know how many sales this ad has made for business and how it relates to profitability?


3. How closely is each sales from customers generated from the same campaign linked to each advertising measure?


Its encouraging to throw unproductive advertisements on the curb. There is no place for this in today's competitive b2b trading venture, especially when buyers have more choices than ever before. Is advertisement making the sales it needs to justify the initial investment?


Mrs. Gagnon further says, “If had a choice, would rather work with friends or the regular customer? like many others, would like to do business with people who are friends, those can trust and enjoy their patronage.”


Here are three suggestions on how can build quality, lasting friendships in business:


1. Be in business for the long haul. Consider the lifetime value of a customer over the entire purchase period. Be honest with customers and treat them like will see them again (if they're happy). Invest in clients as would equity portfolio; Periodically eliminate the ones that are not profitable.


2. Treat each customer as an individual. No matter how busy are that day, give each customer a positive experience one on one. However, it is possible to generate win-win situations taking into account the long-term interests of clients. A few profitable customers are better than a large number of customers; it even costs less to serve.


3. Produce high-quality products. If customers have something to say about product, be prepared to listen. Customers won't always tell, so ask how else can serve them better.


To increase results and create strong and lasting relationships in business

(a) being in business for the long term,

(b) treating each customer as an individual, and

(c) producing high quality products.


It's really that easy, one transaction at a time, one customer each in their own way. Try one of these tips in business today.


For a manufacturer, supplier, retailer, trader etc or like to start business, is a good marketplace to start business. The website offers industrial products, food and beverage, home and garden, personal care, pet supplies and more. The organization is dedicated to serving the Lithuanian community and charities.

The Lithuanian Marketplace is a service of Lithuanian Trade Council, a non-profit organization, offers a business-to-business website connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate international purchases.


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